Students who attend Netherwood Academy can be assured that they will receive the very highest quality of teaching; high levels of support and encouragement in a school with fantastic resources and facilities; a fair and equitable set of rules and guidelines to follow; and a school environment where they can feel safe, valued and where they can play a part in the school’s success.

All of our staff are committed to ensuring the well-being of our students and will give their all to create an engaging and rewarding learning environment. We work hard to ensure that our curriculum is relevant and diverse enough to cater to individual interests, learning styles and all abilities.

The experiences that students encounter at Netherwood will help them to prepare for adult life and ensure they have the right skills and knowledge to make an effective contribution to society and pursue their professional and personal ambitions.

The school is committed to delivering the highest standards of special educational needs (SEN) provision. Inclusion is at the heart of our ethos and we work hard to identify all students who need extra or bespoke support to assist them in learning.

We have excellent facilities to support this, backed up by high levels of expertise and resource including good numbers of classroom assistants and the capacity to deliver small group teaching where needed.