It’s important that fellow students and staff members can work in an environment that’s respectful and collegiate, and where the whole school community shares common aims and objectives. School rules are clearly communicated to students and parents and are applied consistently by all staff.

We operate a clear system of praise and reward. We recognise good behaviour and celebrate success but we will also take direct and decisive action where behaviour falls short of our expectations. The school has a clear policy on uniform and this is strictly applied. A complete and appropriately worn uniform brings a sense of unity and purpose to the school and we expect all students to respect and adhere to this.

Good attendance is the most vital ingredient in education success. There is a direct and proven correlation between attendance and achievement. Put simply: if you’re not here you can’t learn.

It’s equally important to be here on time. Punctuality is absolutely necessary to avoid disruption to classes and to help the school monitor attendance effectively and ensure that all students are safely in school and in class. It’s an important lesson for adult life too, preparing students for the demands and expectations of employment.

We encourage parents and carers to play an active role in your children’s education. We want to work closely with you and your children’s teachers are always happy to discuss any questions or concerns that you might have. We will look to involve parents and carers in traditional settings, such as parent/teacher evenings, but we will also arrange opportunities to spend time with you to consider key areas of work such as curriculum planning, literacy, numeracy and study skills.