A-Level Religious Studies (OCR H573)

What does this course involve?

Philosophy and Religion is central to world history, society, and human life. The A level Religious Studies course offered at Longsands focuses on the study of philosophy, ethics and Christian thought that underlie differing world views and helps students understand the perspectives and motivations of believers. This course critically examines how philosophy, ethics and theology play an integral part in the thinking and day-to-day lives of a large proportion of the world’s population.

A level Religious Studies can also provide students with excellent transferable skills, from essay writing, developing confidence in debating, to developing the ability to appreciate other viewpoints. These skills can be incredibly helpful in a range of university degrees involving critical thinking and discussion e.g. Humanities, English, Psychology, Sociology, Gender Studies and PPE. Religious Studies or a related subject at degree level can lead to a range of challenging and rewarding jobs, using either direct knowledge gained from the subject or from the skills gained.

Possible jobs from a Religious Studies degree include Lecturing, teaching, advice worker, archivist, work within ‘third sector’ organisations, counselling, community development worker, and police officer or youth worker.

How is this course assessed?

There are three components to the course which encompass three aspects of Philosophy Ethics and Christian thought. These are equally assessed:

• Paper 1 – Philosophy – 2 hours
• Paper 2 – Ethics – 2 hours
• Paper 3 – Developments of Christian Thought – 2 hours

Guide to Exam Papers:
For each paper, the structure is the same.
You will have 4 essay questions to choose from which you have to complete 3 questions for each paper.
You should spend around 40 minutes on each essay answer.
You must understand the criteria for AO1 – Subject knowledge (40% of overall mark )and A02 – Evaluation (60% of overall Mark)


The RE department routinely organises a trip to Rome for Sixth Form students.