A-Level Politics (Edexcel 9PLO)

What does this course involve?

Politics is the study of power, who has it and why and how it affects us all. The Politics course will enable you to study contemporary British and American politics and develop a strong understanding of the factors shaping the British and American political systems. You will develop the ability to interpret political information and hone your analytical skills by evaluating political knowledge.

If you want to focus on political events in the UK and the USA and the ideologies that underpin them, this is the course for you. No prior detailed knowledge is required, just a keen interest in politics.

How is this course assessed?

There are three, 2-hour exams which assess the following:
Component 1: UK Politics and Core Political Ideas
In this unit you will study the nature of politics and how people engage int he political process in the UK. You will explore the emergence and development of the UK’s democratic system, looking at the role and scope of political parties. You will also look at the role the media plays in contemporary politics.
Component 2: UK Politics and Core Political Ideas
This unit is fundamental to understanding the nature of UK government as you will learn where, how and by whom political decision are made. You will study the major branches of government: legislative, executive and judiciary. This unit also allows for an in-depth study of feminism and the ideology behind it.
Component 3: Comparative Politics
In this unit you will study the politics of the USA and compare it to the UK’s systems and procedures. You will study the US Congress, Supreme Court and the role of the President. Civil rights also form a part of this unit.


The department organises a trip to Houses of Parliament and host visits from national political figures.
Politics students will also be offered a place on the History department’s USA trip to Washington, Philadelphia and New York.