A-Level Music (Eduqas A660PA)

What does this course involve?

A level Music is for you if you are creative, passionate about music and its place in the world, and keen on continuing a practical approach to education.

A level Music lessons continue to combine practical and theory work at a high level, with a course that is stimulating and varied in its content. The A level course offers academic rigour as well as opportunities to enjoy working with your peers practically.

How is this course assessed?

The course is comprised of 60% coursework in Performing and Composing, with the option of each student weighting one of the two more heavily depending on your strengths. There is also a final listening exam worth 40%, covering the development of the Symphony, the history of Musical Theatre, and 20th Century Music styles. You will study and analyse set musical genres, learn in detail how to write complex music in Classical and Popular styles, and perform regularly. Music is an ideal accompaniment to other arts subjects, languages or humanities, and also provides a good contrast to maths/ sciences. Hundreds of academic music degrees are offered nationally, as well as music college and conservatoire opportunities. Students should aim to be Grade 6 on an instrument by the start of Year 13.


The department runs various concerts and performances throughout the year, including weekly rehearsals for a range of musical ensembles.

Additional entry requirements

Grade 7 in GCSE Music or Grade 5 (ABRSM/Trinity/RockSchool).