A-Level Music Technology (Edexcel 9MT0)

What does this course involve?

The qualification is valuable for any student with an interest in electronic composition, studio recordings, sound design and film scoring. This will be a great advantage in higher education or in an apprenticeship at a recording studio. You will learn about the capture of sound, synthesis, sampling, electronic instruments and effects from the 1950s to the present day.

How is this course assessed?

20% Recording
20% Composition
25% Listening exam – ‘Music Technology from 1950s to the present day’
35% Practical Exam ‘Producing and Analysing’.


The department runs various concerts and performances throughout the year, including weekly rehearsals for a range of musical ensembles.

Additional Entry Requirements

Students are required to have at least a Grade 6 at GCSE Music or be proficient on a music instrument. Keyboard skills are an advantage.