A-Level Mathematics (OCR (A) H240)

What does this course involve?

A Level mathematics is highly regarded by universities and employers. Maths A Level will develop your reasoning, communication and problem solving skills as well as your logical thinking. You will have opportunities to uncover the beauty of calculus, make connections between algebra and geometry, and gain knowledge and intuition to help you assess the data you come across in the media.

As a Maths student at Longsands Sixth Form, you will benefit from access to superb online resources (UpLearn and Integral), comprehensive textbooks and unrivalled levels of support from teachers in lessons but also outside of lessons via our very popular weekly Maths Clinic. If you enjoy the satisfaction of learning and understanding mathematics, and the thrill of solving a challenging problem, then A Level mathematics could be for you. A Level Maths is essential or highly desirable for many STEM degrees, including Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Computer Science.

How is this course assessed?

OCR (A) specification builds on GCSE Maths, to cover the content needed for many degrees and jobs with a high mathematics content. This includes in-depth study of calculus and its applications.

You will study topics including Proof, Algebra, Functions, Calculus, Exponentials and Logarithms.

In Statistics you will study Probability, Sampling, Data Presentation and Interpretation as well as Statistical Distributions and Hypothesis Testing.

In Mechanics you will study Kinematics, Moments, Forces and Newton’s Laws.

The course is assessed via three 2 hour exams: Pure Mathematics, Pure and Statistics and Pure and Mechanics, all taken at the end of Year 13.


Senior Maths Challenge: Autumn term. Future Mathematicians Group for those aiming to study Maths at a top university. Entrance exam (including STEP and MAT) preparation sessions and Oxbridge interview training.

Additional Entry Requirements

A Grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics. If you achieve a Grade 4-6 in GCSE Maths then we recommend you consider Core Maths instead.