A-Level Further Maths (OCR (A) H245)

What does this course involve?

A Level Further Maths, taken in addition to A Level Maths, provides students with an opportunity to gain greater depth and breadth. For someone who enjoys mathematics, it provides a challenge and a chance to explore more sophisticated mathematical concepts. Students find it enjoyable and rewarding and say that spending more time doing Maths boosts their grades in their standard A Level Maths.

Taking Further Maths at the Longsands Sixth Form will provide you with unrivalled levels of support and advice. Our maths clinic (3.15-5.00pm) is widely used by students to complete assignments in a friendly, helpful and encouraging environment. We have extensive experience of students applying to study Mathematics and related subjects at top universities and offer high quality advice on applications, support for entrance exams (including STEP) and practice interviews (e.g. for Oxbridge). We use textbook and internet resources with comprehensive coverage of each unit of work and a loan graphical calculator is available to Further Maths students. A Level Further Maths is essential for studying Maths at many top universities and desirable for many STEM subjects at university, particularly Physics and Engineering.

How is this course assessed?

The OCR(A) Further Mathematics course is 50% Pure Mathematics. 25% will be Discrete Maths and the remaining 25% will either be Mechanics or Statistics.

Parts of the course build on A Level Mathematics as we learn more challenging algebraic techniques and additional approaches to calculus. Other parts bring in new content entirely. You will study Complex Numbers, Matrices, Proof by Induction, Roots of Polynomials and Hyperbolic Functions (among other things) in Pure. In Discrete, topics include Game Theory, Graphs and Networks and Linear Programming. If your class studies the Mechanics option, you will study Dimensional Analysis, Impulse and Momentum and Motion in a Circle. If your class does Statistics you will study Chi Squared Tests, Discrete Random Variables and Regression.

There are four exams at the end of the course:
two in Pure Core, one in Discrete and one for Mechanics/Statistics.


Senior Maths Challenge: Autumn term. Future Mathematicians Group for those aiming to study Maths at a top university. Entrance exam (including STEP and MAT) preparation sessions and extensive Oxbridge interview training and personal statement support.

Additional Entry Requirements

A Grade 8 in GCSE Mathematics. To take A Level Further Maths, you must also be taking A Level Maths.