A-Level English Language and Literature (AQA 7707)

What does this course involve?

English Language and Literature enables you to experience the best of both worlds in the study of English. While reading and analysing great literature, such as The Great Gatsby and Frankenstein, you will also have the opportunity to work on your own re-creative writing. While developing these analytical and creative skills, you will also gain an insight into the world of linguistic study. By exploring a range of modes of texts, you will become an expert in tackling linguistic theory and applying them to your own analysis.

English is also very effective in developing transferrable skills such as interpretive abilities, communication, and the ability to decipher how language works. These skills are highly valued in a range of University courses and careers such as: Business and Finance, Teaching, Print Media, Law, social media, Broadcast Media, Marketing, Advertising, Publishing and Journalism.

How is this course assessed?

English Language and Literature is assessed on two final exams and one piece of NEA:

Telling Stories (40%)
For this paper, you will study an anthology of a wide range of texts focused on Paris and the representation of place. You will also study either Frankenstein or The Handmaid’s Tale with a focus on imagined worlds. The poetry of Seamus Heaney will be another text that you will explore.

Exploring Conflict (40%)
In this paper, you will study The Great Gatsby and focus on producing a piece of re-creative writing alongside a commentary of your work. You will also look at a drama text which will either be All My Sons or Othello.

NEA: Making Connections (20%)
Students will carry out an independent investigation that explores a specific theme or technique in literary and non-literary discourse.


The department organises Theatre Trips, British Library Workshops and an A Level Conference trip is arranged across the two years. There is also an opportunity to write for the Sixth Form Reviewer.