A-Level Core Maths (AQA 1350)

What does this course involve?

If you enjoyed Maths at GCSE but don’t want to study A level Mathematics, then Core Maths could be for you.

The AQA Certificate level 3 in Mathematical Studies is a 1-year course taken in Year 12. It focuses on ‘real life’ maths, and maths that is useful for other subjects at A Level and Degree level.

Core Maths builds upon GCSE mathematical knowledge and provides further insight into why we need to study some topics. An example of this is Percentages which are needed for VAT and tax calculations.

It also helps you to have an awareness of the world around you as you will need to learn facts such as the population of the world or the population of the UK in order to carry out Fermi estimations successfully

The qualification is particularly valuable for any student planning a future that requires good quantitative skills, whether that be in higher education or employment. Degrees such as Biology, Geography and Business Studies all expect a high level of mathematical competency that can be supported by studying Core Maths.

How is this course assessed?

You will learn about inflation, taxes, mortgages and student loans – lots of the maths that adults wish they had been taught at school.

You will also study statistics that is useful for many other A Level subjects, including sampling, standard deviation, normal distribution and confidence intervals.

The content is assessed via two 1hr30 exams that take place at the end of Year 12.