A-Level Business (AQA 7132)

What does this course involve?

A-Level Business is designed to encourage learners to develop enthusiasm for business by developing a holistic appreciation for business concepts. It aims to help you develop a creative approach to business opportunities and problem solving. The majority of the students who study A-Level Business go on to study at university. If you decide not to go to university you could go on to an advanced apprenticeship programme or gain employment in marketing, finance, human resources, or administration. It is also important to note Business as a subject transcend across academic fields as the skills and concepts you learn are easily transferable.

How is this course assessed?

A level Business is a two-year linear course. The course is split into Year 1 and Year 2 content. Year one focuses on developing a sound grounding of business decision making and focuses on topics on management and leadership, marketing performance, operations performance, financial performance, and human resource performance. Year two builds on many of the topic areas from year one but focuses on how these can be used strategically. The topic areas explored includes analysing Strategic position of a business, choosing Strategic direction of a business, how to pursue strategies, and managing strategic change.

The final examination is taken at the end of Year 2 in the form of three written papers. The assessments take a holistic approach which means any of the three examination papers can assess you on any part of the course. There is no coursework completion.

External Assessment – There are 3 external examinations written at the end of Year 13. Each of these is a 2-hour written paper, weighted equally in deciding your final grade. Below is a summary of the assessment methods used:

Paper 1 (2 hours)
• Multiple choice
• Short answer questions
• Essay questions

Paper 2 (2 hours)
• Data response
• Short answer questions
• Essay questions

Paper 3 (2 hours)
• Case Study
• Short answer questions
• Essay questions

Internal Assessment – You will be internally assessed throughout your course in a variety of ways including formal assessments that allow us to check your progress and offer tailored support to help you progress.


The department runs a range of trips including visits to local businesses, Woburn Safari Park and the Bank of England. The department also runs a Young Enterprise Team.