A-Level Accounting (AQA 7127)

What does this course involve?

Studying Accounting helps students to understand the responsibilities of the accountant and the impacts of their recommendations on the business and its stakeholders in a modern economy. A-Level Accounting will help you develop a range of numerous transferable skills. You will build knowledge and understanding of key financial and accounting concepts, principles, and techniques that you can apply to real-life scenarios. This will develop your ability to solve problems logically, analyse data methodically, make reasoned financial and non-financial choices and communicate these to stakeholders effectively. The majority of the students who study A-Level Accounting go on to study an Accounting or Business-related Degree at University. If you decide not to go to university you could go on to an apprenticeship programme in accounting or gain employment in marketing, finance, human resources, or administration. Alternatively, you could go straight into professional qualifications such as ACCA or CIMA.

How is this course assessed?

A level Accounting is a two-year linear course. The course is split into Year 1 and Year 2 content. Aspects of financial accounting and management accounting are covered over the duration of the course. Year one focuses on developing a sound grounding of financial and management accounting with a focus on topic areas such as introduction to the role of the accountant in business, the double entry model, accounting concepts used in the preparation of accounting records, preparation, analysis and evaluation of financial statements and marginal costing. Year two builds on many of the topic areas from Year one including a particular focus on limited companies, the interpretation, analysis and communication of accounting information as well as the impact of ethical considerations.

The final examination is taken at the end of Year 2 in the form of two written papers. The assessments take a holistic approach which means any of the two examination papers can assess you on any part of the course. There is no coursework completion.

External Assessment – There are 2 external examinations written at the end of Year 13. Each of these is a 3-hour written paper worth 50% of your final grade. Below is a summary of the assessment methods used:

Financial Accounting Paper 1 (3hours) and Accounting for analysis and decision-making Paper 2 (3hours)
• Multiple choice
• Structured questions
• Extended answer questions

Internal Assessment – You will be internally assessed throughout your course in a variety of ways including formal assessments that allow us to check your progress and offer tailored support to help you progress.


The department runs a Young Enterprise Team, and the ICAEW Base Competition. The department also runs a trip to the Bank of England.